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Camino Novel: 'The Pilgrim'

Camino Story Book 2 chapters


Of the first two chapters of the book (by clicking on the photo of the book cover)

Camino Story Book 2 chapters

'The Pilgrim'

by Agne-Henrik Strid

I am proud to announce that after a successful launch in the Netherlands of the camino novel ‘Om Mezelf Levend Te Voelen Hield Ik Van Je [I loved You To Feel Alive]’, the translation to English is in the making. The novel titled ‘The Pilgrim’ will be published in december 2021.

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Summary of the book

After three years in Colombia working as a humanitarian aid worker for the United Nations, Pelle Jellema leaves for the French Pyrenees, tired and disillusioned. At the French-Spanish border, his 500 mile journey on foot on the ancient Camino [The Way] to Santiago de Compostela begins. He hopes to get answers to the question of what he should do now that he is going to leave Colombia and the emergency relief effort behind. But the Camino to Compostela unexpectedly takes hold of him. Memories of past destructive relationships beset, haunt and consume him. No matter how hard he walks he can’t seem to shake the memories of his big Portuguese love Isa and his Colombian ex-girlfriend Esperanza. The answer to his question also just doesn’t seem to come, until the Camino makes him realize that he has asked the wrong question.

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