Blog: Why is walking the camino good for you?

“Despite the fear, walk. Despite the pain, walk. Despite the uncertainty, walk. Because life goes on and in adversity, do not think, just keep going”

For anyone who has walked the camino, it will be no surprise that walking is good for your body and mind. But why? And can you optimize this effect?

Walking; good for body and mind

Most pilgrims I met walking the camino had personal or spiritual reasons and much less physical (health) reasons. They were looking for answers to life questions, ending or beginning a challenging period in their lives, and reflecting or deepening their spiritual lives. But from a pilgrim from France, I learned how strong mind and body are connected. He had been in a severe car accident a year earlier. He walked the camino to rebuild his strength, especially to prove that he could do it. His rehabilitation doctors had said that he would never walk long distances again (Read his story here). While walking, he noticed that his body became more robust and his mental resilience improved.

What happens when you walk with your body and mind?

Walking the camino is good for your body and mind. At least, if you take good care of both and listen carefully to what they need. In my case, I felt so agitated during the first days of my camino that I ignored physical signals. Result: After three days, my knee was the size of a balloon. My body literally forced me to slow down, which allowed me to recover and calmed my agitated mind. Therefore, it is essential to lovingly and mindfully give attention to mind and body because one cannot exist without the other.

The scientific evidence regarding walking is clear; walking is good for everything. Your heart, blood vessels, blood pressure, cholesterol, bones and muscles, weight, and memory all improve. It also helps against depression and anxiety and makes you more creative in solving problems. And not to forget: your mood improves. In short, it brings you into balance.

How can you optimize these benefits while walking the camino? With a mindful walking practice. You don’t have to walk the whole camino silent and introverted. Ten minutes a day is enough. How to do that? You can find a practical example here.

Buen camino!

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